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Rally against the pipeline every week. This week’s time and location:

WHERE:  NEXT MEETING: Jan. __ at 6 p.m. at First Unitarian Church on 31 & Harney (come in the door on the west side).

Contact  japlapoo@netzero.net or codoherty@unomaha.edu for more information.

Several groups (GOTGL included) are launching a toll-free tip line where landowners, ranchers, farmers, other citizens and TransCanada employees can confidentially report any and all questionable or unethical acts.  The toll free tip line, 1-866-363-4648, is up and running  (Sept. 29th). There will also be radio ads, starting September 30th,  and a website/blog: www.TransCanadaAbuse.com.

Spread the word and call in if you’ve had any problems with TransCanada.

Other events
Previous Events


Jan. 5, noon-1pm / State Capitol, 14 Street (between H and K Streets), Lincoln:
We met on the capitol steps under the President Lincoln statue to remind State Senators, on the opening day of our State Legislature, that it is their duty to protect our land and water. Bold did a great job planning this! There was a big crowd, media coverage and a lot of enthusiasm from those present.
September 24th, 12-2. Nebraska room of the UNO Milo Bail Student Center. 6001 Dodge street. Graham Christensen from the NE Farmers Union gave a talk that will, in part, address the pipeline. The talk was “Climate Change, the Keystone XL and You.”

Video of event and info from it soon to come!

Radio Interview

Some members of Guardians of the Good life were interviewed August 31st, 11:00pm, on 89.3 FM KZUM Lincoln. Thanks to Brian Mary for hosting us!

Week of Action

Guardians sponsored a decentralized WEEK OF ACTION to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, in Nebraska and beyond, the week of: AUGUST  18-25

Here is an example:

On August 18th, at 4:30pm, a member of GOTGL staged a “human oil spill” in Memorial Park (at 60th and Dodge). People dressed in all black or black trash bags and rolled down the hill in Memorial to simulate an oil spill. People who could not or did not want to roll down the hill held signs protesting the pipeline.

Shesent out press releases to various media outlets, created a facebook event, made fliers and arranged to have the event recorded to be put on youtube.

See pictures from this event!

  1. Members of GOTGL bring attention to the pipeline threat at weekly protests.

Upcoming Events!


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