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It may feel like you can’t do anything to stop this pipeline, but that is far from true. We’ve already had several successes in getting the dangers of the pipeline recognized and pressuring our elected officials to speak out!

There are many avenues we are using to stop this pipeline. We can stop it’s construction at the national level. We can demand regulations at the state level. We can get city and county ordinances passed to change its path.

Here are some actions you can take right now:

(1) Educate people!

You can help the movement against the pipeline grow by talking to friends, family and neighbors. 

Talking Points

Here are things you can say to people who don’t know about the pipeline:

  • It would cross over the Ogallala Aquifer. The aquifer is a fresh water source for over 2 million Americans, and is a main source of irrigation for Nebraska agriculture. Agriculture is the backbone of Nebraska economy.
  • It will devastate the Sand Hills, the most intact prairie in the Great Plains.
  • Nebraskans will pay $4 million for the transmission lines needed for the pumping stations.
  • There is no clear emergency plan for when the pipeline breaks.
  • This pipeline does NOT provide energy security. There are no guarantees we would get the oil. It would go to market.
  • This project would not bring us guaranteed jobs. Estimates are that Nebraskans would get maybe 10% of jobs generated.

(2) Sign the petition!

(3) Contact Governor Heineman and your state senators to demand that Nebraska have a plan to deal with this pipeline. Nebraska currently has no laws regarding oil pipelines. We can pass laws now!

(4) Contact your representatives at the national level and tell them to take a stand against the pipeline. It’s their job to protect us. Remind them of that fact.

(5) Get CREATIVE! There are no limits on how you can get the word out and put pressure on your elected officials.

(6) Check our UPDATES  section for new events and weekly rallies.

(7) Hold events to bring attention to this threat!


  • Create a street theater skit.
  • Host rallies.
  • Create a powerpoint presentation (or use ours: e-mail us to get a copy) and present it at your church, social groups, etc.


(8) Report any abuses you or someone you know has seen TransCanada commit. Call the new toll free hotline: 1-866-363-4648 and check out the site: www.TransCanadaAbuse.com.



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