Can stand with the unions, just not the pipeline

3 Feb

The AFL-CIO came out in support of the Keystone XL a few months ago and held a conference to show their support this morning. This is disappointing on a lot of levels. Times are tough and jobs are needed, yes, but we need to be smart. Let’s consider the following:

*The Keystone XL Pipeline would result in  increased gas prices, ranging from 7 to 15 cents a gallon for us in the Midwest.

*Independent studies from the Department of State and Plains Justice show actual jobs produced and find only 12% of the jobs in Nebraska will actually go to Nebraskans.
*TransCanada changes their jobs estimates every time they release their figures,which have gone from 13,000 jobs to 325,000 jobs in a few months.
*1000 megawatts of wind development is projected to create 250 permanent jobs in the state.  This kind of development provides income for years to come.
(thank-you BOLD NE and NE Wildlife Federation for some of these stats)
I, personally, am a fan of unions and of workers demanding their rights. Normally, unions fighting for what they’re  supposed to fight for (safe working conditions, fair wages,  etc) benefits us all. Unions often advance the common good.
The AFL-CIO isn’t fighting for the common good now. They are standing on the side of a multinational corporation. They are standing on the side of temporary jobs, endangering our water, higher gas prices and intimidation of our landowners. They are giving a bad name to unions.
Feel free to contact them and let them know how you feel:



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