The people fight harder than the politicians

31 Jan

Our state senators are finally introducing some legislation that affects the Keystone XL.  I hope all of you realize that if you’ve made phone calls, written your state senator or just informed others about this issue, then you have helped make this happen.

With that said, the legislation is as follows:

LB 340, establishes state-based guidelines and oversight for oil pipelines

LB629, establishes a state-based certification process for oil pipelines

LB578, requires pipeline companies to be financially responsible for clean-up, decommissioning, maintenance to roads
Please contact your state senators and let them know you support these LBs. The Nebraska Unicameral contact information is as follows:


Now, while this legislation is a step in the right direction and although contacting your senators is important, it is not enough. From what I can see, some of this legislation does not have the teeth it needs and sometimes our leaders need a reminder that they represent us…not a giant corporation. It is frustrating that while TransCanada makes assumptions about the approval of their project and prepares to build a pipeline that will cost us money at the pump here in the Midwest, our state senators have waited until the last minute to do anything.

Meanwhile, some of my friends recently got caught doing some public art protesting the Keystone XL and are now facing fines, losing their licenses and more. I find this amusing and more than a little ridiculous. People spraying a little paint on a wall in the name of informing the public about a threat face punishment, but TransCanada bullies landowners and threatens our water with impunity. Yes, someone has to pay for cleaning up the wall. but who the hell is going to pay for cleaning our aquifer once the pipeline leaks? Who will pay to restore the Sand hills? Not that either of these things can really be done adequately, but I don’t see TransCanada even offering. Our state senators have to demand that TransCanada does what they’re supposed to do.

So, contact your state senators and continue to fight back.  I, for one, like public art (I will post the pictures my friends took of their art), but whatever you feel comfortable doing will work.



One Response to “The people fight harder than the politicians”

  1. andrewo February 1, 2011 at 7:14 am #

    Interesting – noted here:

    I’ll add a photo to that item if you send me a good one.

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