Ready for the New Year?

10 Dec

Nebraska state legislature goes back into session January 5th. That means it’s time to organize and tell our leaders that it’s time they get their asses into gear. Nebraska’s water, land and future are at stake and still they hesitate to take a stand. At the Dec. 1st hearing of the Natural Resources Committee, they discussed the possible dangers posed by the pipeline, but any action ended there.

TransCanada isn’t sitting around and discussing the construction of this pipeline. They’re preparing for it. If we don’t do the same, they will plow through this state, and we will just be sitting ducks. (Or maybe sitting cranes would be more apt?) Nebraska doesn’t have the infrastructure, legally or otherwise, to deal with this pipeline. Keystone I leaked back in August and it was barely reported; TransCanada has bullied our landowners and barely got a slap on the wrist; there is no known plan for dealing with pipeline abandonment or the many other complications this pipeline will bring us; we are poised to be a leading state in alternative energy and this pipeline represents a disastrous step in the wrong direction. The list of problems the Keystone XL brings with it could go on for pages.

If you care about the future of Nebraska, clean water, a sustainable economy, state’s rights, or are just sick of seeing big oil (in its various forms) get what it wants when it wants, then please mark your calendars:

Jan. 5, noon-1pm at the State Capitol, 14 Street (between H and K Streets), Lincoln, NE.

Please join us.



One Response to “Ready for the New Year?”

  1. Norma J Skjold January 5, 2011 at 3:01 am #

    Please help stop that pipeline. The sandhills should be a protected natural preserve — it’s that fragile and that unique. There is no other interior desert closed aquifer ecosystem in this country. It’s bad enough that commercial irrigators are poisoning that underground water with fertilizer nitrates to force sand dunes into farm production — let’s don’t let big oil trample what’s left into a wasteland that can’t even feed cattle.

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