Use a vote like a knife

1 Nov

Elections are tomorrow, which means you have the chance to go and make your voice heard. Voting is the least important action we can take as far as civic engagement, but that doesn’t let any of us off the hook. Rather, we need to give our elected officials the clear signal that we are listening and use our votes like the weapons they are supposed to be. We can’t pour money into elections like lobbyists can, but we can determine if the politicians that take lobby money get back into office.

For instance, Heineman thought it was a great idea to take money from TransCanada. True, he eventually gave it back, but only after it became politically-unwise (i.e. people started protesting the pipeline) to keep the bribe. I say, give him and call, say you’re voting for his opponent (Mike Meister) and tell him it’s because he refuses to grow a spine on this issue.

In general, we need to make voting count, by pairing it with organized action and making it the knife that hangs over the heads of our politicians. We vote them in and then make it clear we’ll hold them accountable. We call them out when they decide to line their pockets instead of look out for the good of the people. We get organized, agitate and demand to have a real say in major decisions.

So, please keep the pressure on the politicians of Nebraska. Organize. Call. Rally. Vote.

This week’s rally against the pipeline:  Thursday, Nov. 4, 5:15-6:30 p.m. at 90th & Center

To contact Heineman:

Phone: 402-471-2244

E-mail site:

Contact State legislature:

Please join us.



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