Tell our leaders to take a damn stand

7 Oct

TransCanada is bribing our leaders. Is this surprising? Not really, but it still ticks me off. It recently came to light that Nebraska governor Heineman returned money given to him from TransCanada, which is lovely. I am thrilled to hear that Governor Heineman returned money he never should have accepted in the first place.

We don’t need this pipeline. Renewable energy is becoming more and more affordable and our options for alternative energy sources are expanding daily. Tar Sands oil is one of the most costly and destructive forms of energy around. The Keystone XL endangers our water, and TransCanada has a history of bullying our landowners. Yet, our leaders don’t speak out, at least not with any real conviction. Bribes like this help explain why they won’t take a damn stand.

Well, we who are fighting this pipeline (including whoever reads this) may not have millions of dollars to throw around on bribes, but we have something just as powerful. We have ourselves. We have the power to oust any leaders that don’t do their job and protect their constituents. As I’ve said before, that is a power that should not be underestimated and can be enough to change the world. Just look at any revolution or major movement; it started with people coming together.

Call Heineman and tell him to stop taking bribes: 402-471-2244

Please join us in putting a stop to this.



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