Bad for Nebraska, Bad for America

12 Sep

The good news is: we’re making strides in the campaign against the pipeline. The bad news? TransCanada knows it, is getting desperate and fighting back. If you happened to listen to the Husker game about a week ago as they went against Western Kentucky, you would have heard a TransCanada ad that stated their Keystone pipeline is “Good for Nebraska, Good for America.” How is this the case?

Well, Robert Jones, the VP of Keystone Pipelines, claims in an article he wrote for the Journal Star that the pipeline is going to bring jobs, economic activity and energy security.

Jobs? It will bring unskilled, temporary jobs for some Nebraskans.

Economic Activity? Maybe in some sectors for a time, true. However, how much does cleaning an aquifer cost? I notice he doesn’t go into great detail about any emergency plans when a break happens.

Energy security? This stuff will go on the market. We’re guaranteed nothing.

In the article, Robert Jones even defends how they’re treated and dealt with Nebraska landowners. Threatening eminent domain when you don’t have it isn’t justifiable. Insisting on building a pipeline over a fresh water source when people don’t want you to isn’t “good for Nebraska”, it’s being a bully.

TransCanada: Get out of Nebraska, Get out of America.



One Response to “Bad for Nebraska, Bad for America”

  1. mme insurance October 3, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    I am glad you said that..

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