Start with Nebraska

15 Aug

This site is presented to you by an organization known as “Guardians of the Good Life.” We are a group concerned with the well-being of Nebraska on every level: economically, environmentally, politically, and socially.

Right now, our focus is to stop the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. If built, this pipeline would pump tar sand oil across our state, tearing through our Sand Hills and endangering our fresh water source: the Ogallala Aquifer.

It would be easy to disregard this threat as some “tree-hugger” cause, but that would be a dangerous mistake. We are at the point where availability of and access to water is becoming more and more of a pressing issue. To endanger our water for the sake of a pipeline is to put the business interests of a few ahead of the health and safety of all.

America, like the world as a whole, is at a crossroads. We can switch to forms of energy that don’t destroy the planet and learn to use less oil; or we can continue on a path of ruin. We can preserve our finite resources, like water, for future generations; or we can squander it all, leaving our children and grandchildren to clean up our mess. We can blaze a trail to something new and better, or repeat the same mistakes again and again.

Nebraska is at the heart of this struggle in many ways. We can be an example to the country in resource management and stewardship. We can be leaders economically and politically, demonstrating the many benefits of sustainable living and technology.  We can be the change this country, this world, needs.

Rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline would be our opportunity to show that Nebraska isn’t afraid to break away from national trends and policies that are irresponsible and dangerous. This is our time to show how to put aside labels and partisanship, greed and short-sightedness. Whether Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, rural or urban, rich or poor; we all share this planet. We all need these resources.

It’s time to take a stand for our future. Start in your home state. Start with Nebraska. Start by stopping the Keystone XL pipeline.

Please join us.



One Response to “Start with Nebraska”

  1. Alex Hamm September 22, 2010 at 3:36 pm #

    Hello, I’m Alex, a resident of Rushville, NE. I understand that there is opposition to the CVS Pharmacy in Dundee, but shouldn’t that be an entirely different page? Opposing the TransCanada project should be given full focus, as it affects all of Nebraska, and the Great Plains in general. The apathy towards opposing the pipeline is terrifying. I’m convinced Nebraskans in general are a bunch of do-nothings that would rather shrivel up than fight. Alot of people will believe the stupid TransCanada ads on TV, because alot of people believe everything they see on TV (Fox News!?). If this project wouldn’t harm the aquifer, then why do they feel the need to advertise during the Nebraska football game? I will post the link to this blog on facebook. No guarantees as to the number of people that actually pay attention.

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