Slogan Ideas

28 Feb

Hello, all! We are coming up with more slogans for our signs at the protests and rallies.

Want to help? Please respond to this post and share your ideas!

Here are some we have:

The first Keystone pipeline has ALREADY leaked 7 times!

Help protect our water & land . . .

Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Tar sands oil is destroying Canada’s Boreal forests & wetlands . . .

Think what a major oil spill would do to our aquifer & land!

Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline


Tar Sands Oil Is NOT Your Ordinary Crude!

to move through pipelines.

Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Nearly 1 MILLION GALLONS of toxic tar sands oil spilled into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River last summer!

Our Aquifer is just as valuable to Nebraska as the Kalamazoo!

Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Nebraska needs clean water & healthy land to provide food for the world!

We DON’T need toxic tar sands oil putting our economy at risk!

Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Event March 6th! And a meeting!

25 Feb

Please come join us for a day of music and activism!

Sunday, March 6th, 2:30-500pm

at the Zoo Bar, which is at 136 North 14th street. Lincoln, NE.

Bands that will perform live:
The Toasted Ponies
John Walker and the Prairie Dogs
Chris Sayre and the Laddies
The Melody Wranglers
The Lightning Bugs

$5 donation requested. If you can give more money, it will be gratefully accepted.

Stop the XL Pipeline Action Kits, bumper stickers, buttons, and yard signs available to all.

Also, Guardians of the Good life meeting, Sunday, Feb. 27, at 4 p.m. at Panera on Saddlecreek

Selling benches and getting out the message

24 Feb

Hey, everyone, there will be benches preaching the truth about the Keystone XL showing up all around Omaha!

Look for them at:

1.       72nd & Cass

2.       72nd & Blondo

3.       72nd & Western

4.       72nd & Dodge

5.       48th & Dodge

6.       72nd & Mercy


We would like to put up more to get the message out there. If you have some spare bucks to give, please contact us at one of the following e-mail accounts:


Keep up the good work!



TransCanada pipeline explodes in ‘fairly remote area’ of…Nebraska?

23 Feb

The actual head line for the Calgary Herald article reads: “TransCanada pipeline explodes in ‘fairly remote area’ of Ontario.”

Yet, this explosion in a “remote area”  is not an isolated incident. As stated in the article, “The incident would be the third time in less than two years a TransCanada pipeline in the region has had a leak and has exploded.”

I do believe TransCanada has bandied about some ridiculous statistics to back their claims about how unlikely a break in the Keystone XL would be once constructed.  Why should people believe their baseless numbers when we see the horrendous destruction that results from pipeline breaks in places like Ontario, Michigan, the Gulf and all over?


This fracking pipeline

22 Feb

This post will be short, but it seems worth noting that the fight to stop the Keystone XL is not just a short-term fight; the consequences are far-reaching. If this pipeline is constructed, we are showing a profound lack of regard for the future of our water. It’s worth noting that that future, if we aren’t careful, is precarious at best.  We already face the fact that climate change means Nebraska temperatures will rise, putting pressure on our fragile, fought-over aquifer.

We need legislation that prioritizes the responsible use and protection of our water. If we stand back and do nothing, then when other threats to our water pop up, we will be sitting ducks. This is worth noting, as there are talks of hydraulic fracturing (also known as “fracking“) being used in Nebraska in the future.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, “fracking” is a drilling technique that involves blasting millions of gallons of chemical-laced water mixed with sand into the ground  to release natural gas from rock formations thousands of feet underground. This stuff is nasty and they want to do it here.

If we don’t stand up for our future now, then when? People are taking stands all over the world right now. We can do the same.


Please join us.



Can stand with the unions, just not the pipeline

3 Feb

The AFL-CIO came out in support of the Keystone XL a few months ago and held a conference to show their support this morning. This is disappointing on a lot of levels. Times are tough and jobs are needed, yes, but we need to be smart. Let’s consider the following:

*The Keystone XL Pipeline would result in  increased gas prices, ranging from 7 to 15 cents a gallon for us in the Midwest.

*Independent studies from the Department of State and Plains Justice show actual jobs produced and find only 12% of the jobs in Nebraska will actually go to Nebraskans.
*TransCanada changes their jobs estimates every time they release their figures,which have gone from 13,000 jobs to 325,000 jobs in a few months.
*1000 megawatts of wind development is projected to create 250 permanent jobs in the state.  This kind of development provides income for years to come.
(thank-you BOLD NE and NE Wildlife Federation for some of these stats)
I, personally, am a fan of unions and of workers demanding their rights. Normally, unions fighting for what they’re  supposed to fight for (safe working conditions, fair wages,  etc) benefits us all. Unions often advance the common good.
The AFL-CIO isn’t fighting for the common good now. They are standing on the side of a multinational corporation. They are standing on the side of temporary jobs, endangering our water, higher gas prices and intimidation of our landowners. They are giving a bad name to unions.
Feel free to contact them and let them know how you feel:


Public Art

31 Jan

Some of my friends did some lovely public art protesting the pipeline.

The people fight harder than the politicians

31 Jan

Our state senators are finally introducing some legislation that affects the Keystone XL.  I hope all of you realize that if you’ve made phone calls, written your state senator or just informed others about this issue, then you have helped make this happen.

With that said, the legislation is as follows:

LB 340, establishes state-based guidelines and oversight for oil pipelines

LB629, establishes a state-based certification process for oil pipelines

LB578, requires pipeline companies to be financially responsible for clean-up, decommissioning, maintenance to roads
Please contact your state senators and let them know you support these LBs. The Nebraska Unicameral contact information is as follows:


Now, while this legislation is a step in the right direction and although contacting your senators is important, it is not enough. From what I can see, some of this legislation does not have the teeth it needs and sometimes our leaders need a reminder that they represent us…not a giant corporation. It is frustrating that while TransCanada makes assumptions about the approval of their project and prepares to build a pipeline that will cost us money at the pump here in the Midwest, our state senators have waited until the last minute to do anything.

Meanwhile, some of my friends recently got caught doing some public art protesting the Keystone XL and are now facing fines, losing their licenses and more. I find this amusing and more than a little ridiculous. People spraying a little paint on a wall in the name of informing the public about a threat face punishment, but TransCanada bullies landowners and threatens our water with impunity. Yes, someone has to pay for cleaning up the wall. but who the hell is going to pay for cleaning our aquifer once the pipeline leaks? Who will pay to restore the Sand hills? Not that either of these things can really be done adequately, but I don’t see TransCanada even offering. Our state senators have to demand that TransCanada does what they’re supposed to do.

So, contact your state senators and continue to fight back.  I, for one, like public art (I will post the pictures my friends took of their art), but whatever you feel comfortable doing will work.


January 5th and beyond

8 Jan

The rally at the capitol building in Lincoln was a great success! I have plenty to write about, but until I get the chance to, I will leave you all with the summary from Bold Nebraska and Nebraskans for Peace. They did a great wrap up of the day’s events, so here you go:

(take from

At noon, on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 over 100 Nebraskans gathered on the state capitol steps to ask our state elected officials to protect our land and water from TransCanada’s oil pipelines.

A broad array of individuals and groups were there to support protecting Nebraska’s water, including farmers, ranchers, urban dwellers, Bold Nebraska, Nebraska Wildlife Federation, Nebraska Sierra Club, Nebraska Farmers Union, Audubon Nebraska, League of Conservation Voters, Nebraska Green Party, Guardians of the Good Life, Nebraskans for Peace and the Nebraska chapter of

A video of the rally and the speakers can be found at Bold Nebraska’s YouTube site

Still pictures from the event can be found in two locations:

Nebraskans for Peace’s facebook page.  If pictures are used on blogs or in print articles, credit should be given to photographer, Mark Welsch. He may be contacted at if a higher quality picture is needed.

Bold Nebraska’s facebook page. If pictures are used, credit should be given to photographer Mitch Paine. If a higher quality picture is needed, contact

While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is responsible for granting or denying a permit to TransCanada to build a second pipeline across our state, this time crossing the fragile ecosystem of the Sandhills and the precious Ogallala Aquifer, our state elected officials have a role in other key areas.  

Our Nebraska state elected officials, our senators, Governor Heineman and Attorney General Bruning have a role in:

  • Siting and routing of pipelines
  • Eminent domain process and terms
  • Easement abandonment of unused/out of service pipe
  • Emergency response planning
  • Liability for spills
  • Regulation of neighboring land uses

They will have that role only if the legislature passes, and the Governor signs legislation giving them that power. Without these needed, common sense laws, our elected officials will allow the federal government and a foreign Canadian company to run roughshod over Nebraskans.

At the Capitol rally, Lancaster County Farmers Union President Wayne Frost from Saint Paul Nebraska, said that landowners, just this week, got more threats from TransCanada representatives about eminent domain taking their land, even though a permit has not been granted for this risky pipeline. This foreign company has seven people attempting to strong-arm Nebraskans into allowing them to put the tarsands pipeline on their land. Tarsands is the most polluting type of fuel in the world. Without a permit this foreign company has no right to even ask for eminent domain condemnation of ranchers’ and farmers’ land.

Mary Pipher, renowned author, speaker and organizer, said, “I’m a granddaughter of sodbusters. My great-grandparents homesteaded in Hitchcock County. Three of my grandchildren live in Merrick County, only a few miles from the proposed site of pipeline. Fighting this pipeline is not about politics. It is about protecting our homeland. On this issue, Republicans and Democrats, country people and city dwellers, business owners and ranchers are all in the same family. We are the family of people who live on the Great Plains. Ordinary Nebraskans are up against a powerful international corporation, who only wants to use our home to make money for their stockholders and executives. They do not care about our heritage or our ability to make a living or maintain our way of life. They do not care if our children drink from poisoned wells or develop cancer. They do not care if the pipeline endangers the aquifer or pollutes our ranches and farmland. They do not care because they are not Nebraskans. They do not live here and will not suffer serious consequences if things go wrong. We Nebraskans, including our legislators and Governor have the right to control and protect our homelands.”

Ms. Pipher concluded with, “Passive resignation will not save us. All Nebraskans must unite to say NO to the XL pipeline. We have a common cause. We are a family of people who live on the Great Plains. We will not let outsiders take our land and ruin it. I’m quoting President Abe Lincoln again, ‘The struggle of today is not all together for today but for the vast future also.’ We will work together to give our grandchildren a better life. Let’s get to work, together we can do this.”

Jane Kleeb said, “Over 800 Nebraskans have signed a petition saying they do not want a risky pipeline crossing the Sandhills and our land.  We are all watching to see if our state elected officials lead on this issue or allow a foreign company to bully landowners and threaten our main water source.” She concluded with, “Common sense as well as a vision for America being energy independent leaves us with one word for the pipeline, NO.”

After the rally, citizens visited and gave many state senators a plush Meadowlark toy, donated by Audubon Nebraska, that had a USB drive around its neck filled with up-to-date information and reports on the pipeline. This information is available on Bold Nebraska’s Pipeline Resource page

Our officials have the power to protect us from a foreign country’s corporation that is willing to risk our state’s health, safety, productivity and beauty in order to make money for their executives. We need bills passed this year to ensure the current Keystone pipeline is safe, any future ones do not cross sensitive areas and that our water, landowners, towns and way of life are protected.

Our elected officials must advocate to our federal government on behalf of the people of Nebraska.  Every citizen in this state can unite to protect Nebraska from the pollution, carcinogens and economic loss this pipeline would cause. Our quality of life is at stake.

Ready for the New Year?

10 Dec

Nebraska state legislature goes back into session January 5th. That means it’s time to organize and tell our leaders that it’s time they get their asses into gear. Nebraska’s water, land and future are at stake and still they hesitate to take a stand. At the Dec. 1st hearing of the Natural Resources Committee, they discussed the possible dangers posed by the pipeline, but any action ended there.

TransCanada isn’t sitting around and discussing the construction of this pipeline. They’re preparing for it. If we don’t do the same, they will plow through this state, and we will just be sitting ducks. (Or maybe sitting cranes would be more apt?) Nebraska doesn’t have the infrastructure, legally or otherwise, to deal with this pipeline. Keystone I leaked back in August and it was barely reported; TransCanada has bullied our landowners and barely got a slap on the wrist; there is no known plan for dealing with pipeline abandonment or the many other complications this pipeline will bring us; we are poised to be a leading state in alternative energy and this pipeline represents a disastrous step in the wrong direction. The list of problems the Keystone XL brings with it could go on for pages.

If you care about the future of Nebraska, clean water, a sustainable economy, state’s rights, or are just sick of seeing big oil (in its various forms) get what it wants when it wants, then please mark your calendars:

Jan. 5, noon-1pm at the State Capitol, 14 Street (between H and K Streets), Lincoln, NE.

Please join us.